Sunday, August 21, 2016

Harajuku Gyoza, Potts Point (New Menu)

I've posted some yummy foods by Harajuku Gyoza before. This post is about their new exciting menu that will be available in store and also what they sell in Night market in brisbane :) I am so lucky that I got invited to try these yummy foods first hand!

First below here is the cute OctoDog. Sausage wrapped with bread and deep fried and shaped as this cute octopus! Apparently this snack is really popular in their night market in Bne~! can't wait to have them in Sydney as well --

They also have a new Frose Rose drink on their menu, its a slushie alcoholic drink with a hint of rose. Refreshing and aromatic at the same time! Love thiss! Definitely must try, perfect companion for the gyozas!

In my first post, I only posted the Original Raindrop cake but this time I did take the Greentea one too and they have a new one, strawberry flavour! My favourite is still the Green tea though, but very pretty tricoloured dessert :)

If you haven't try this melt-in-the-mouth jelly, u definitely should!

New dessert in their menu too is this Watermelon Jelly with Choc chip as the seeds. So cute and Hugeee! It can feeds maybe 4-5 desserts lover at a time ~~

Sydney recently has been hit by Cheesecake fever by the famous Uncle tetsu's wobbly cheesecake. When Original cheesecake is getting too mainstream, Harajuku Gyoza now bake their own Green tea cheesecake! It will be available in store through phone order and booking only, so no walk-ins. It's $22 per box and I can guaranteed it wobbles and tasted as light as Uncle Tetsu's, and this is better cause it's green teaaaaa cheesecake hehe! They also have the original one available. :)

So this time, I got to bake my very own cheesecake :) Not bad despite the crack on top hehe ~~

Thanks harajuKu Gyoza and Mr.R for inviting meeee :)

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Henley Wholefoods, Alexandria

One fine Thursday, spending my day off with a lotttt of eating with my friend Mr.W, my sister and her bf Mr.S :) Went for a healthy breakkie at Henley wholefoods in Alexandria. They have numerous location such as Bondi and Double Bay. 

I just realized that their location in Alexandria is where Love Grub used to be. Can't believe that place is gone T.T *sad*

Anyway.. Lets get into the foods!
I ordered the Coconut Smoothie - Whole Coconut, cacao, Coyo & Banana. A great combo but in my opinion, the cacao was too much that it overpowers the drink and there were heaps of coconut husk blended in, so it's kinda hard to drink ;P

Waffle-n'. That's what this dish is called in the menu. Sweet potato and Buckwheat waffles, Coconut Candied Bacon, Vanilla bean Coyo, Banana, walnut, blueberries and Maple. It's not something that you'll love it on the first bite, U'll grow into it. Well atleast I did hehe.. :) 

The second dish is the Quinoa Goreng, recommended by the waitress saying that this is the popular dish there. So we tried. It tasted like Indonesian Fried rice but here they used quinoa. I kinda like it bu the only comment I can make is the quinoa was still a bit wet so it's quite mushy overall which need some crisp on it, Luckily they got crunchy cucumber, so that helps ;P

My favourite out of all - Braised Lamb Shoulder, orange gremolata, honey roasted carrots on Moroccan millet with dried apricots, sultanas and Coriander. Mr.W thought the combination was kinda weird, but I love itttt hehe :) Perfectly cooked lamb on delish millets and dried fruits.

We also tried the Salad plate which consist of all three salads offered on the menu.
- Squashed, quinoa, black olives, fresh orange, basil with pepitas and honey dressing
- Cabbage, fennel, red onions, dill, dijon mayo & roaster almonds
- Roast cauliflower, chickpeas, red onion, mint, babba ganoush & chia Dressing.

I definitely like the cauliflower and the squashed.
It's just that when you've been to Bread and Circus, your salad plate bar is up that high, it's hard to be impressed by the others I've tried so far haha!

Overall, it's not that bad. Good service and nice place to chill. Worth a try. why not :)

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Aslan Coffee Roaster, St Peters

One fine Sunday, the Hubby & I craved for Indonesian Coffee and so we went to Aslan Coffee Roaster. They used beans from Indonesia and to me they got a strong burnt, dark, roasted note to it which I love and I thought made a perfect cappuccino :)
The place itself is not too big but U can tell how good the coffee is by the aroma of it once u passed by this place.

These dishes that I ordered below are the first top three in their menu list ;P
First is the Peppercorn Smoked Salmon - pan fried perkedel (Indonesian style potato croquette), chipotle aioli, poached eggs & dukkah. I personally like how the salmon and the perkedel goes well together and that sauce is a perfect one for the combo. Unfortunately the egg was a bit overcooked so I can't get that eggporn photo ;P


Second one is for the hubby, Maple Glazed Bacon - chipotle scrambled eggs, cherry tomatoes, avocado, water cress, dukkah & hummus on sourdough. The hubby lovesssss the caramellic notes on the bacon, me on the other hand lovess the multigrain sourdough with the avo and egg!

Coconut Crusted Pandan Chiffon with fresh strawberries, crumbled walnut, orange coffee curd, mini citrus & espresso pearls. Fluffy light pandan chiffon is amazingg! Especially with the orange coffee curds! The let down for me in the crumble. It tasted a bit like oxidized nuts kept too long in a jar. But apart from that, its a great dish.

I would definitely be back and recommend to everyone to check this place out! Taste yourself how aromatic Indonesian Coffee can be. They are quite strong, some people may not like it, but I love them hihi.. ^^

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Cuckoo Callay, Newtown

My second visit to Cuckoo Callay to try out their new menu ! :)
I loveeee Croissant and looking at my Instagram feed with this amazing Croissant filled with all the goodness lure me directly back to Newtown.

Went with a couple of foodies and here are what we chow down ^^
First is definitely the Bacon MacDaddy - I was expecting the croissant to be flaky and crisp but apparently probably because of the filling it wasn't as i expected. But the combination of elements work perfectly well. Bacon Mac n cheese, Bacon Jam, Double smoked bacon, and poached egg, whats not to like!!

The Sideways shuffle - Its either you like it or not. It's a Blue Swimmer Crab cakes with corn and avocado salsa, watermelon, Poached egg, The other foodies loved it except me ;P

We also got the RESPECT Burger. Unfortunately my photo doesn't do this delish burger any justice haha! Popcorn Chicken burger with Double smoked Bacon, Gruyere cheese and sauerkraut on Brioche ~~

My fave dish of the day! Even though it didn't look as pretty as the other dishes and even though im not a fan of truffle. but this dish caught my hearttttt :)
No wonder it is called 'Magic Mushroom', its instantaneously made me happyy hihihi..
Wild mushrooms on Sourdough, truffled goat cream, spinach, roasted russ tomatoes, smoked almonds and a crumbed egg. Noms!

A very simple yet scrumptious dessert to end the meal. Nothing can go wrong with Triple Chocolate gooey brownies with A dollop of cream and Vanilla ice cream with crumbed nuts and biscuit. I'd give this dish 11/10!! lovee love love.

One of the picture-worthy dish Cuckoo is their Lost Cookie of Pompeii - Chocolate lava cookie, peanut butter mascarpone, banana, chocolate covered popping candy and creme anglaise. I was expecting alot from the dessert, but the lava cookie was quite a hassle to eat and i think the peanut butter mascarpone is too sweet to my liking ~~

Overall I am impressed yet again by the foods here, no wonder the queue are out of this worldddd ;P As long as it worth it rightt tee hee.

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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Thirsty Bird, Potts Point

On my visit to Harajuku Gyoza, I came by to see this place called Thirsty Bird, was so curious as to why the queue was that long even though they are just open. So I went with my usual Foodie troops after a meal at Indigo (post coming up soon ;P )

Got their Totter Tots with Gravy and Bacon bits. It was dayummm delisshhh! Not oily, crisp bacon and umami gravy ~~ Couldn't ask for a better tots ..

Got the Spicy Wings too, but for me honestly is not my favourite :) I like it to be crispier and more flavour in it...

But this.... For me is the all time winner for Southern Fried Chicken Burger! Perfectly crumbed and seasoned Southern Chicken, the slaw are fresh plus the Bun are oh-my-goodness fluffy and softtttt ~~ I'm drooling while writing this post, literallyy!!

We also got the 4pcs Chicken with the Aioli and pickles. Chicken was tender and the sauce is a perfect match for the chicken ... It's probably one of my fave Southern Fried Chicken in Sydney :)

Highly Recommend the Chicken Burger. Would lovee to come back for more chicken and to try outt other Burger! Nomzzzz

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Harajuku Gyoza, Potts Point

I got invited by Mr.R to Harajuku Gyoza and tasted some of their delectable Dumplings and the Instafamous Raindrop cake!

We were greeted once we enter the premises and we were almost immediately since we came just after they are open on a Saturday. My foodie troops & I were starving and so without any further ado we ordered their recommended Pork Kimchi Gyoza! It was spicy but super tasty!

We also tried the Chicken Katsu Curry where the curry is pretty mild, not too strong and the Katsu still has that crispness on top of the rice. Very well portioned for the price :)

Chicken Karage is the one thing not to be missed every time I visited a new Japanese eateries :) The chicken is coated with umami flavour that wanting you to eat them more and moreee!

We also got the Pork Belly Kakuni.. I was expecting a crispy pork belly, but the pork has been braised and simmered in a soy based sauce. I don't mind it though since the meat are so tender and juicy!

One thing that you should try here ~! Frozen beer Slushie Top and Frozen Cider Slushie Top... Aren't they cuttteee! If you like a more sweeter one, get the Cider :)

For Dessert, we got Nutella banana Gyoza with Ice Cream

It may not look pretty or classy but the taste isss Oh My Goodness so goooodd~~~ Especially when it's still warm, complemented by the sweet Vanilla ice cream. Just perfect :)

And Last but Not least the RainDrop Cake! It may look simple like Agar, but it actually pretty tricky to make... Once you put it in your mouth, it vanishes just like water. Interesting dessert :) They alos have the Green tea one but I don't really bother to take a photo of it cause this is the original one tee hee ^^

They legit-ly serves delicious gyoza!! Come and try em yourself :)

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Kafeine, Balmain

My third visit to Kafeine in Balmain :) This time is for my Birthday Brunch. Mr.P wanted to treat me for lunch here :) Arrived on a Sunday ard 11am and the place was already packed with people. Thankfully the last table at the edge is empty ;P It's like meant to be since Mr.P and I will be taking pictures of the foods for quite a bit of time and we don't like many eyes starring at us hihi..

We were greeted nicely as usual and the Owner was there too.. Apparently we are from the same country and we kinda follow each other on Insta .. He came by to the table to say Hi and also offer the Salmon salad for breakfast (even though its only avail for lunch), how nice :)

So the must always order is their Salmon bene with homemade hollandaise sauce and potato rosti at the bottom! Always love that combo instead of muffins or sourdough ~~

The Crispy Tasmanian Salmon Paradiso comprise of brown rice salad, currants, pickled ginger, cherry tomatoes and asparagus. Not to mention the 65 Degree Z'atar egg. Its just pure healthiness and deliciousness in a plate!

We were torn between choosing the french toast or the pancake. But once we read 'Coconut Pancake', we made our decision then! The pancake was so fluffyyyy and soft , the fresh berries and the vanilla ice cream complemented the pancakes really well. Mr.P loveees this dishhh!

We also ordered the Acai Bowl since we also were on an proactive mission to find the best Acai Bowl around Sydney. Even though the winner is still Culture Bean, but we will still be on the lookout :)

Overall foods as always never disappoints, service is tentative, I'm saying this not because I know the owner but that's my honest experience and opinion :) I will definitely be back for their pulled pork hash!^^

When we walked out to the counter to pay, the owner said that it's been fixed :) The meal was on the house since it was my Birthday. I couldn't be thankful enough and It literally made my day .^^. Such a kind and generous person.

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