Sunday, April 9, 2017

Q on Harris, Ultimo

The Dessert that has shaken Instagram lately is this tremendously indulgent Green Tea Cheesecake from Q on Harris in Ultimo.

It is not too overly sweet and the green tea flavour is very profound! I usually can't finish a dessert by myself but I can literally eat the whole thing alone.

I highly recommend it if you visited the place.

Q on Harris is a very cozy little space in Ultimo offering fresh and vibrant breakfast and lunch menu. The owner is actually my childhood's friend brother and he is a very friendly and awesome dude :)


The Smoked Salmon Tartine is another must try dish! Dill cream, greens, fennel, pine nuts, green apple, spanish onion, cucumber.

My favourite here is the Mushroom Tartine! Mixed mushrooms cooked with fragrant herbs and creamy butter, confit garlic, spinach, sage crisp, parmesan cheese and topped on SD with poached egg. What a perfect dish for brunch and allow enough space in your stomach pouch for that green tea dessert :)

Those three dishes are just perfect that it won me on my first visit! I had came back twice for the Green tea cheesecake and will keeps on coming for it :) I heard the Kabuki Waffle is pretty damn good too.

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Chez Sun, Darlinghurst

My favorite place for delicious treats. As they are not too overly sweets like the others cafe that offer similar patisserie. The price are very reasonable too.

They offer a variety of sweet treats and they also have some seasonal specials.

The cafe also have breakfast and lunch menu, but I haven't try them out. Came twice for their dessert only. :)

Christmas Special




lychee Jasmine
My favourite is Lychee jasmine, soft fluffy sponge with a profound jasmine note!
Pink Flamingo
My other favourite is the Pink Flamingo above!

Black Forest

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Celsius Coffee Co, Kirribilli

Celsius Coffee Co is on the "must visit" list currently in Sydney! Located just at the Kirribilli Wharf, reachable by ferry or just simply drive there.. The cafe offered amazing foods and also view! Too bad I didn't take pic of the interior of the cafe.. But if you ask for window seating, you'll see the beautiful sea next to you :)

Went here on a Sunday with the Hubby.. We waited for the window seat for a good 20mins.

As usual, I got my Chai latte.. Don't feel like coffee that time. But the hubby got his flat white :) Celsius Coffee Co is using O N A Coffee bean

I ordered the Burrata & Mushroom since I loveeeee anything with mushroom, especially if the portion of the mushroom is this muchhhhhhh .^^. I'm a happy girl ;P

On the plate, we got Shiitake, Oyster and White mushroom with local Burrata cheese and chimichurri sauce on SD! Perfect combo and crisp SD! Yummmsss

The dish for the hubby, which I ordered too ;P is "The Benedict" - braised lamb, Japanese yuzu hollandaise, raw almond dukkah and poached egg on SD. That lamb was so tender and well seasoned. What a new way to eat a benedict.. hihi. 


The last and pretty one is the Celsius waffle with berries, maple syrup, toasted nuts and Peanut butter. At the first bite, I thought that there's nothing special with the waffle. Even though it was pretty chewy in the middle and crisp on the edge, it needs a bit more flav to me.. But then when I take that bit of peanut butter on it, I get it ;P Omg, who would've thought waffle and peanut butter would work .. well definitely not me haha! lovin it, couldn't stop eating em afterwards even though I'm very full already .^^."

Overall, it was a great experience and new found of this place! I would recommend this place to be a definitely must visit when you're around the city. The staffs were friendly and service is on point!
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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Circa Espresso, Paramatta

Visited Circa recently with Mr.P since I always wanted to try the place out. My friend work there and it's a good time to visit her too ;p

I would recommend if you want to visit the place, come on weekdays on super early on the weekends. I had to wait 30mins for a table but I tell ya, the foods were super crazily delicious for me and Mr.P :)

So I started my morning with Iced Mocha. their coffee got more acidity then the other I've tried. It's not offensive for me but may be quite strong for some people :)

Their special menu is the Ottoman Egg, but unfortunately I'm kinda allergic to eggplant so unlucky for me, I couldn't taste it. But I noticed almost every table got that dish. Sorry P haha!

So instead we went to the Pork belly option with Sweet and Sour pineapple dressing, slaw and crushed nuts. Plus we add eggs on the dish!

Oh em Ji, the Pork belly was really tender and juicy, crisp skin and the tangy salad provides the crunch and freshness to the meat! Definitely a match made in heaven (exaggeration aside). You should definitely try this out!!

 And thanks for my friend who work there, Ms.D, she recommended the French Toast, which at first, not on our order list! Probably the best french toast I've had so far. Much better than Flowerchild!

With brulee banana, fresh berries, mascarpone, cinnamon, caramelised passionfruit and crushed pistachio on Brickfields Brioche.

Super duper fluffy Brioche, perfectly caramelised and the other component complement the toast very well. Especially those passionfruit caramel sauce. Definitely something different than the rest.

I understand how this place can be so packed even before they close their kitchen according to my friend who work there. They have simple ingredients in each dish but they do it perfectly! Ooh I'm still dreaming of that french toast! Droooollls!

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5th Earl, Rosebery

I feel lucky to have live in Mascot area for awhile now. The suburb and surroundings starting to develop a number of great food spots to try! We visited 5th Earl in Rosebery last year and must I say, they are very generous in the portion!!

Our favorite dish of the day is the Pan Seared Salmon with Black Rice salad. The taste and texture combination was just perfect! Highly recommended.

We also ordered the Crab Omelette. At first we were hesistant to order it cause it's basically fried egg. But so happy that we did! Generous crab meat and that fluffy eggs with the crunch of the sweet corn on SD, just so scrumptious!

Another super yummy dish is the Grilled Beef Salad. Simple salad with the right component for beef; capsicum, mushroom and haloumi. That's all it takes to capture my heart! The beef was packed of flavor and the dressing complement the salad very well (housemade chilli dressing).

The probably only let down for me is the French toast ;P It wasn't bad but there wasn't any wow factor on it. The french toast could be fluffier. But the combo with bacon and strawberries were great :P

People from other tables were starring at us (My sis, My future sis-in-law and me) since we looked as if we can't eat alot and we ordered that much food with their giant portion and we managed to finish every single thing on the plates haha!

Highly recommend place to visit! There may be queue, but definitely worth it :)

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Majestic Harvest, Petersham (Closed)

The place closed recently but I still wanna post this up for my Journal :)

They serve good foods but I don't know what made them close the place. Foodies were started to come because they have the black sesame french toast which was insta worthy and the foods were pretty yummy too!

Oh well..

Salmon & Bear (Zetland) -- Salt, meat and Cheese (Alexandria) & Doux Amour

There was the days when me and my foodie friends would visited 3 food destinations in a day!

First we visited Salt, meat and Cheese in Alexandria. The foods were good but nothing great except for the Acai bowl placed in a Pineapple bowl :)

Then we went to Salmon and Bear to try our what their menu can offer. Very friendly staff. I still remembered her even from my visit last year..

If you like raw salmon, you would love their poke bowl ;) The fish and chips was alright. Taco was generous is their serving size and I love their sweet potato chips! ^^

And if you're in Rosebery Area, do visit Duox Amour. They made the cutest Choux! They are reasonable prices, very nice shop owner and now they got their pop up stall in QVB.. They have increase the flavour variants of the choux as well. So something to definitely look out for :)

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